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France Solutions in association with leading French estate agent 'Beaux Villages' offer to preview your list of ideal properties. Send us your list of requirements and we will scour your required area for properties that meet your needs, we will provide the agents pictures and description AND our own pictures of the property AND the area. We will investigate the local area showing where appropriate school, shopping and entertainment possibilities.

France Solutions want to ensure when you come to visit France, the properties we suggest to you come really close to your requirements saving you unnecessary expensive visits.

We charge £250 for the first 4 properties and then £50 for each additional property, should your purchase your new home or holiday home through France Solutions then all of our charges will be taken off the commission you pay to the agent.

We can search within a 150km radius of Angouleme, the department capital of Poitou-Charente, giving you access to properties in Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Limoges and Angouleme as well as all the towns, hamlets and villages in the area. Just let us know you exacting requirement and what you hope to gain from a property in France.

France Solutions can also help you once you've moved over with the Health Service, Internet, services and getting your car onto the French system.

France Solutions provide your solutions in moving to France. 


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